Help us create the recycling program and help educate members of community of District Santa Isabel, Panama on importance of recycling for environment

Project: Creation of a plastic recycling program

Recycling is necessary in every country, but in these local, Caribbean towns, where the ocean washes tons of plastic on the shores a day, it is a huge need in the local towns. There is a major need for a well-designed and sustainable recycling program, and the sharing of this knowledge and skill.


Each year before the attendees arrive at Tribal Gathering we clean the beaches. Thousands of plastic bottles washed ashore. What are we to do with all that plastic other that burn it. We’re in the process of setting up a project to recycle as much of this waste as possible.

We’re going to shred, melt and extrude the HDPE, thick bottles and plastic bottle tops into molds to make plates for our cafes.

Normal plastic pop bottles are going to be cut into a plastic thread and woven into place mats and picnic blankets.

During Tribal Gathering we’ll be running workshops to show this in action and allow our attendees to actively participate in this recycling program.

The plastic recycling program will be realized in phases:

1.      The installation of the plastic recycling equipment and facilities

2.      Developing and creating recycling and environmental educative talks, as well as recycling education workshops.

3.      Educating and promoting new plastic recycling programs in local communities

4.      Collection, sorting, cleaning, and recycling of plastic in the surrounding villages and beaches

For 2 weeks, you will help our association in developing and creating recycling and environment education classes, along with helping to install sorting, cleaning, and recycling facilities, along with our skilled crew. The daily program consists of complementary Spanish lessons from our volunteer coordinators, beach plastic collecting, assisting in the installation of the equipment and facilities, collective cooking, and the development and teaching of classes and workshops.

No specific skills and/or experience is needed for this project, but good physical condition is required, as well as open-mindedness and the willingness to discover and learn. Volunteers in fields such as, environmental studies, social work, graphic design, engineering or construction are welcome!

If you have a particular knowledge or skillset, a passion to pass on, or a talent to share, you will be able to share it with the community’s children and adults. Creativity and ideas are welcome, as long as they respect the community, its values, and its lifestyle.


  • At your arrival in Panama City, you will be welcomed by our local team. They will lead you to the community which is 4 hours’ drive away.

  • Accommodation and meals will be provided at the Ceiba Leaf Campus. There will be a thorough briefing on the local’s way of life, on your work on the project, on our organization mission, on the nature surrounding us and on the safety measures to respect during your stay.

  • The next day we will leave for the surrounding villages, where you will get to know members of the community. You will have option to stay few nights with host families in the local community

  • The program comprises of 25 hours of work per week for the project, your week-ends will be free.

  • The program offers optional 10 hours of complementary basic Spanish lessons from our volunteer coordinators per week

  • After every week of the program, we will meet in Ceiba Leaf so that everyone can share their impressions and talk about their ideas and needs.

  • Last day, our team will drive you back to Panama City/Airport.

Note Our facilities at the Ceiba Leaf Campus provide running drinking water, outdoor showers, shared toilets, 110V power supply and limited Wi-Fi internet connection. You will sleep in a shared or private room. Ceiba Leaf is located in the middle of the tropical jungle: expect to meet all kinds of animals and insects. The primary language in local community is Spanish, so basic knowledge will be useful.

You will have plenty of time to explore the surroundings, the national park, the rainforest, the rivers and the beaches. Additional activities are available like fishing, snorkeling, archery, horse riding, surfing, kayaking, kitesurfing. Equipment rental fee may apply.

Where does the money go?

The involvement in the create the plastic recycling program costs 600 USD per two weeks per participant, all included,

The sum will be spent as follow:

  • 200 USD to help fund recycling center (the purchase of materials and equipment)

  • 200 USD to cover cost of accommodation, food and snacks.

  • 200 USD to cover operational cost of the project

Practical details

Dates: All year around, with the option to extend your 2 weeks stay for fixed weekly rate 300 US

Price: 600 USD

Participants: 4 to 12 persons

What is included:

  • Transport from Panama City to Ceiba Leaf

  • 14 days of accommodation, 3 meals and one snack per day, complementary hot beverages

  • Tutorials and instructions how to use power/hand tools and other equipment by our skilled instructors and volunteer coordinators, course completion certification

  • All tools, materials and equipment

  • Optional 20 hours basic wilderness/jungle survival training, course completion certification

  • English-Spanish lessons, course completion certification

  • All taxes and fees.

  • Transport to Panama City from Ceiba Leaf

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